Wat is er op de radio

Adriaan van Rossum's radio website

The oldest project I’ve build is watiseropderadio.nl. It contains a playlist with all songs played on the biggest Dutch radio stations. Monthly, the website attracts over 40.000 visits and has 150.000 pageviews. I built a web crawler which crawls a lot of websites from the radio stations and pulls the current track out of their HTML-page. Recently the website also gives the visitors the opportunity to listen to radio-fragments of the last 10 days.

This website is build in the good old PHP days. There is a lot of airplay data because the website is online for years. We all know this is over, but rewriting the whole website takes a lot of time. You have to choose the best projects for the limited time available so I decided to keep this project for what it is.

Go to watiseropderadio.nl.